Our work is based on knowledge of the company and the customer, its features, your product, your service and your needs, in order to adapt our consulting service to your company, improving its system of work and providing a value added.

The usual process followed to achieve the proposed objective is:

1. Taking dataq from the client meeting.
2. Presentation of project activities to develope,estimated run times and expected economic assessment.

Consulting services have a wide variety and some of the most frequently performed in the field of domestic market ara showed below:

> Environmental authorizations and licenses
> Previous activity communications
> Environmental impact studies
> Self protection plans
> Studies of energy efficiency savings and optimization
> Energy audits for large companies
> Studies of technical and economical viability
> Energy certification of buildings and dwellings
> Support in regulatory inspections by Accredited Entities
> Executive and technical management
> Project management services

We have extensive experience in the development of construction projects in the field of both industrial and residential facilities. Fields in which our technicians have developed technical projects that have enabled the successful execution of the planned facilities generically indicated:

> High, medium and low voltage
> Air conditioning systems
> Fire protection systems
> Mechanical
> Domestic cold water (DCW)
> Domestic hot water (DHW)
> Sewage, gray water and rainwater separative networks
> Natural gas or other gas types
> Renewable energies
> Weak Signals (TV / FM, paging and data)
> Common Telecommunication Services
> Sound insulation installations
> Studies and safety plans

We offer our services in developing detailed engineering projects, mainly for the industrial sector. The level of specificity of these projects to define a perfect facility to develop appropriate implementation details and interference with other existing facilities.

Similarly, through detailed engineering projects lists of materials that allow the installation costs corresponding to develop.

In this area, we offer our services to all industries and all types of needs:

> Modifying process units
> New production units implementation
> Dismantling of existing facilities
> Facilities and process improvement